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Current Bylaws

MHS Tiger Band Boosters
By-Laws and Constitution
900 N. Walnut Creek, Suite 100, #387
Mansfield, TX 76063


Article I – Name
A. The organization shall be known as the MHS Tiger Band Boosters.

Article II – Purpose
A. The purpose of this organization shall be to foster cooperation and involvement in the band
program by maintaining clear and constant communication with parents, legal guardians, MHS
administration, schools within the MISD, and the community at large. The organization will also promote
the entire band program of Mansfield High School, by assisting the Band Directors and school authorities
in the development of an outstanding band program. The MHS Tiger Band Boosters is organized
exclusively for charitable and educational purposes under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue
Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code. Furthermore, the activities must be
consistent with the Guidelines and Procedures established by the Mansfield Independent School District
and the University Interscholastic League.

Article III – Membership
A. Membership shall be open to all parents and legal guardians of current band students who
agree to abide by the By-laws of the Organization.
1. The voting members of the organization will consist of the parents and/or legal guardians of
current band students.
2. The Executive Board may determine additional volunteers to participate in the band program.
3. Mansfield Independent School District’s policy requires volunteers to undergo background
checks. Any parent or legal guardian serving in a volunteer capacity with the students is required to
submit to district protocol.
4. Band Boosters are to sign a Waiver of Liability at the beginning of each fiscal year.
5. Band Boosters are to follow the Student/Parent Code of conduct.
B. Any member has the right to file a grievance by making the complaint in writing and submitting
it to the Executive Board. The Executive Board will attempt to settle the grievance among all parties
involved. If the grievance cannot be settled, any party will take the issue to the Director who will provide
the final ruling.

Article IV – Officers and Elections
A. The following elected officers shall serve a term of one-year, beginning July 1 through June 30.
They may be re-elected for consecutive terms. Elected officers must be a legal guardian of a Student
enrolled in a band class for the fiscal year in which they serve and may not be Mansfield ISD Central
Office employees or administrators of Mansfield High School.
1. President

2. Co-President
3. Vice President
4. Co-Director of Fundraising

5. Co-Director of Fundraising   

6. Co-Director of Volunteers/Committees

7. Co-Director of Volunteers/Committees
8. Secretary
9. Treasurer

10. Assistant Treasurer

11. Parliamentarian

12. Guard Liaison/Percussion Liaison/Member at Large (2)
13. Ex-officio Members (non-voting): Immediate Past President, Directors, Liaison etc.


B.The Executive Board will consist of the Mansfield High School Band Directors and the elected
C. At a January or February general meeting of the organization, a nominating committee will be
formed from volunteers. The committee will contain an odd number of members not less than 5. One
Band Director will serve on the committee as a non-voting member. Members may not serve on the
nominating committee if they were members of the nominating committee the prior year.
D. Officers will be elected at a general meeting in April or May and will assume duties no later than
July 1st.
E. In the event an office becomes vacant due to resignation or in the event the officer’s band
student leaves the band, a replacement shall be elected by a majority vote of the Executive Board.
F. Any elected officer may be removed from office by a recommendation of the Executive Board
and simple majority vote by the voting members of the organization.
G. The President must have served on the Executive Board for at least 1 year prior to being elected.

H. No 2 immediate family members may hold different board positions, but may hold Co positions such as Co-President/Co-Directors. In the event of Co positions elected from immediate family, members exercise one vote together as a board member. In the event of immediate family Co-Presidents, only one can have signing rights to the booster financial accounts. The Treasurer(s) positions cannot be immediate family members.


Article V – Meetings
A. All meetings of the organization including the Executive Board meetings shall be governed and
ruled by the Robert’s Rules of Order, latest edition.
B. Regular Meetings of the organization shall be held at least four times annually. The Band
Directors in cooperation with the Officers shall set the dates of meetings. Any meeting requiring a vote
to be taken by the general membership must have a 48-hours advance notice of meeting date and time.
Vote results must be a simple majority to pass.
C. Executive Board meetings shall be held at least once per calendar quarter unless it is agreed by a
majority of the Board that there is no business to address. The Band Directors and the President will set
the dates of the Executive Board meetings. Executive Board meetings are closed. It is the discretion of
the Board to invite members to fulfill the needs of the agenda.
D. Quorum for regular meeting - not less than 20 members shall constitute a quorum.
E. Quorum for an Executive Board Meeting –at least one Director plus 3 elected officers shall
constitute quorum.

Article VI – Duties of Officers

A. President and Co-President
1. Preside at all meetings of the Executive Board and at the general and special meetings. The
President will prepare an agenda for each meeting in cooperation with the Band Directors,
notify Executive Board members of the date and time of the Executive Board meetings and
notify the organization members of general and special meetings.
2. Enforce the By-laws and ensure that all activities of the officers and the organization are
supporting the Mansfield Band program as prescribed by the Head Director.
3. Will develop, with the support and help of the Executive Board and Band Directors, and will
present a proposed budget at the first regular meeting of each fiscal year, to be approved by
the Board.
4. Regularly meet with the treasurer of the organization to review the organization’s financial
5. Select an officer as the designee to receive all financial statements either through the mail
at their home address or electronically. This individual should not be a signer on the
account. Upon receipt, the designee should review the activity on the bank statement and
cancelled checks for reasonableness. This provides an independent review by an individual
not associated with disbursement activity.
6. Schedule an annual audit of records or request an audit if the need should arise during the
7. Assist the Band Directors where needed.

B. Vice President –

1. Assist the President in all matters required.

2. When needed, will act as the president-elect for subsequent seasons. 

3. In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall assume the responsibilities of

 the chair.

C. Director of Fundraising (Co-Directors)
1. Preside as the focal point of all individually chaired fundraising committees.
2. Assist the President in all matters required.
3. In the absence of the President, Vice President, Director of Fundraising shall assume the responsibilities of the chair.


D. Director of Volunteers (Co-Directors) – Volunteers/Committees
1. Solicit volunteers as needed in the operation of the organization.
2. Form committees appropriate to the needs of the organization.
3. Appoint Chairpersons of committees as needed with the assistance and approval of the
Band Directors.
4. In the absence of the President, Vice President, Director of Fundraising, Director of Volunteers shall assume the responsibilities of the chair.

E. Secretary
1. Keep an accurate record of all proceedings of the organization.
2. Handle all correspondence as necessary.
3. Check the mailbox monthly.
4. The Secretary shall assist the Treasurer in maintaining an accurate and permanent record.
5. Turn over records to the incoming officer within 30 days of election.
6. Records should be kept for a period of 10 years for audit purposes.
7. In the absence of the President, Vice President, Director of Fundraising, Director of Volunteers, the Secretary
shall assume the responsibilities of the chair.

F. Treasurer
1. The Treasurer shall maintain an accurate and permanent record of all receipts and distributions
of the organization in accordance with the Internal Revenue Service’s guidelines, the Guidelines and
Procedures for Booster Clubs as detailed by the Mansfield ISD. The following guidelines will be followed:
a. Checking account(s) should be established with three authorized signatures: Treasurer,
President and a designated board member.
b. Two authorized persons shall sign all checks. An authorized person cannot sign a check issued to
c. Checks are never signed with a blank payee.
d. All expenditures are to be made by check or credit card never cash.
e. When the organization is not billed directly, there must be a completed check request
documenting expenditure amount and type submitted with receipts to receive reimbursement within 30
days of the expense unless authorized by the Executive Board.
f. All collected monies should be deposited within 7 business days of receipt.
g. All monies should be initially collected and counted by one person other than the Treasurer.
The counter and the Treasurer shall sign a deposit form, which is kept as part of the Treasurer’s annual
h. Bank Statements should be emailed to the email address maintained by the organization so that they
can be reviewed by the Assistant Treasurer, and not a signer on the account prior to being given to the Treasurer.  Bank statements are to be reconciled monthly.
i. Treasurer reports will be given at each meeting detailing expenditures and receipts, along with budgeted amounts and actuals.
j. Establish a system whereby IRS form 1099 MISC can be furnished to those individuals,
businesses, etc. who are paid $600.00 or more in a calendar year upon receiving a completed W9.
k. Responsible for completing the following yearly reports:
i. Tax Returns
ii. Tax Exempt Tax Return (990) due yearly on November 15.
l. Expenses not approved in the Annual Budget over $500.00 and less than $2500.00 must be
approved by the Executive Board. All expenses over $2500.00 must be pre-approved by simple majority
vote of the voting members of the organization.
m. All financial requests should have the Head Band Director’s approval before any agreements are
n. All persons authorized to handle funds of the association should be covered by a fidelity bond in
an amount based upon the organization’s annual income and determined by the executive board.
o. Turn over records to the incoming officer within 30 days of election
p. records should be kept for a period of 10 years for audit purposes.
q. file sales tax reports as required by the Texas Comptroller’s Office (monthly, quarterly, or
annually). Sales tax reports must be filled even if no sales tax was collected for the period reported.

r. At the end of a fundraiser, present budgeted versus actual results to determine the profitability of the fundraiser.

G Assistant Treasurer

  1. Should not be designated as a signer on the financial accounts, but should be provided online access to banking information to help facilitate communications between Treasurer, Board, and Band Directors.

  2. Maintain Cut Time accounts and provide regular statements to families each month via email.

  3. Provide a detailed delinquent record each month to the Band Directors so they can communicate with students regarding their accounts.

  4. Will assist the Treasurer with financial responsibilities associated with major events such as POC, Spring Market, Competitions, etc.

  5. In the event the Treasurer cannot fulfill his/her duties the Assistant Treasurer will act as an interim Treasurer until one can be elected.

  6. The Assistant Treasurer will prepare the bank reconciliation monthly.

H. Parliamentarian
1. Be versed in the organizations’ By-laws and Robert’s Rules of Order.
2. Maintain order, control the continuity of meetings and time speakers, as needed, to ensure
flow of meetings and adherence to the meeting agenda.

I. Guard Liaison/Percussion Liaison/Member at Large (2 positions max)
1. In the event that the above positions are not filled by a parent of the guard or percussion sections a liaison parent from these sections can be filled. If positions are filled by guard and percussion parents one Member at Large will be filled.

2. Liaison & Member at large positions shall perform such duties as assigned by the President or Vice President.



1. Immediate Past President, Directors, Liaisons etc.



Article VII – Committees
A. Ad Hoc committees may be formed as needed by the Executive Board.
B. the Finance committee is responsible for conducting an annual audit of the organizations
financial report and the related financial activity for the school year. The finance committee should
include band members; however, the committee should have at least one board member review the
information. If the membership size does not allow, the finance committee may be comprised of
two individuals with one being a non-officer. An outside party may perform an external audit at the
organization’s expense. The finance committee will prepare a written Audit Report that
communicates the results of the audit to the organization. The Treasurer should not be on the
finance committee. The finance committee can perform the audit beginning July 1st, present the results to the new President, and provide a report to the MISD Director of Financial Services by Sept. 15th.

Article VIII – Fiscal Year
A. The fiscal year of the organization shall begin on the 1st day of July and end on the 30th day of

Article IX – Insurance and Property
A. The Band Boosters will maintain Liability Insurance for the organization. The Boosters will also
maintain Liability Insurance on Band Trailers and their contents.
B. Personal property purchased by the Band Boosters, which is placed in, on or around the school,
must be designated by the Board as either the property of the Band Booster or of the school. If the item
is the property of the Band Booster, it becomes part of the Band Booster’s physical assets and the
Booster is liable for its maintenance and use. If not specifically identified as property of the Band
Booster, it will be considered as a gift to the school and district. The Band Booster shall maintain
insurance on physical assets as required by the school or by law.

Article X – Dissolution
A. The organization may only exist with approval from the Band Directors and Principal. The
organization may be terminated at the discretion of the Head Band Director in agreement with the Head
Principal and the Mansfield ISD Director of Fine Arts.
B. Upon dissolution of the organization, all assets shall be distributed to the Mansfield
Independent School District, specifically the Mansfield Band activity fund, provided it is exempt under
section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future tax code, at the
time of dissolution. If the Mansfield Independent School District is not exempt at the time of dissolution,
the assets will be distributed to one or more organizations exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the
Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future tax code.

Article XI –Amendments
A. By-laws of the organization may be amended by 2/3 majority vote of the members present at a
regular organization meeting. By-law amendments must be read to the members at a previous meeting,
posted on the website and in the Band Hall 30 days prior to the vote.
These By-laws and Constitution were adopted on May 10, 2007
These By-Laws and Constitution were amended on May 12, 2009
These By-Laws and Constitution were amended on May 10, 2011
These By-Laws and Constitution were amended on May 8, 2012

These By-Laws and Constitution were amended and updated April 13, 2021

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